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Which is your favorite member of Echo Squad?… 

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This Friday, 16 September, the movie Snowden will release in theaters across the world. I won’t be seeing this movie. Whether or not you think Edward Snowden is a hero or a villain please realize that he still did something wrong. If his intentions were as pure as he claims, he still went grossly the wrong way about it. To add to that, he did in fact endanger men and women across the globe by handing information over to countries that are adversarial in nature to the United States.

The United States Intelligence organizations have many technological abilities to use against our adversaries. These are used to protect our nation from many threats. More threats than just terrorism. More threats industrial espionage. More threats than you likely imagine. For good or ill he has weakened the defense of our home.

What the United States Intelligence organizations lacks however is both the Man Power or the Desire to screen United States citizens as arbitrarily as Mr. Snowden claimed. They also lack the right to monitor U.S. citizens. Much like obtaining a court order to wiretap a phone for a police investigation, any Intelligence Agency that wants to monitor a citizen has to get specific legal permission to do so.

There are those who abuse these technologies. It’s sadly true and very unfortunate. But those scares few who do, do not make up the majority of men and women whose job it is to defend this country by way of National Intelligence. One of which Snowden is not.

If you decide to see this movie, please realize you are viewing a dramatization of events condensed and summarize to fit in to a two-hour time span. You will not see the entire story. You will not see the complete truth. You will see what director Oliver Stone and screenwriter Kieran Fitzgerald want you to see. That does not make this movie unbiased. Far from it in fact.

Many of you who think that the U.S. Government is trampling on your civil liberties with the evil information machine are mistaken. You are not mistaken of the ability to do it, just the intent. Many of you think that Snowden released this information for your benefit… I disagree.

I won’t tell you not to see the movie. I would ask that if you are truly interested then do your own research. Edward Snowden is no hero, and doesn’t deserve the praise he has received. I don’t believe the movie deserves your $14 or the attention it’s getting either, but that’s just me.

Which Story Idea interests you the most? 

23 deviants said A young woman is recruited by Death to escort the souls of the dead to the River of Life. However nothing is ever so simple. Between the War of Heavens and the obstinate souls of the dead, her new unlife may be more difficult than she expected.
15 deviants said A Mass Effect™ prequel story in which a special ops group begins tracking the movement of the robotic Geth forces as the breach the Perseus Veil Nebula.
13 deviants said A secret unit within the Central Intelligence Agency known only as the Black Chamber is tasked with protecting citizens from the supernatural forces in the world. But their latest initiate may have accidentally stumbled upon the biggest threat the world h
11 deviants said A Star Trek™ story in which a fleet of six starships get stranded in the Gamma Quadrant after the forces of the Ascendants try and collapse the wormhole.
10 deviants said A starship engineer gets a second chance after an inter-galactic war to design a new type of space craft, and try to get his life back together. But in doing so he finds that his new employers have their own designs on conquering the galaxy. In lieu of th
10 deviants said In the world left after the apocalypse a group of strangers finds themselves protecting what could be the next messiah. Now not only do they have to beware the denizens of the wastes, but those of heaven and hell as well.
5 deviants said A young warrior is tasked with recovering an ancient artifact lost before the fall to counter the approaching armies of the damned, but to do so he’ll need help from every major kingdom. But can old political rivalries be forsaken for the good of ev
4 deviants said A group of friends hunt down a vampire in modern day Charleston after a girl is taken. They soon discover that supernatural forces have always been in the city, and that the evil they hunt may just be hunting them.


Wayne M. Thomason
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Personal Quote: Crom, I've never prayed to you before, I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you will remember why we fought or why we died. But if Valor pleases you Crom then grant me this... Grant Me Revenge! And if you do not listen... then to hell with you!



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